Sunrooms and awnings are two ideal things to add on to your house, Grand Haven, Michigan residents. They serve two functions – they add to its value while creating useful places to relax.

What Is A Sunroom?

For those who aren’t aware, a sunroom Grand Haven is an additional room that is added onto a home. They are usually built onto the back, where they overlook the lawn and garden. These rooms tend to have lofted ceilings and large windows that allow in plenty of light. Hence their names: sunrooms. A sunroom tends to be a kind of bonus room that many people decorate with comfortable lounge chairs, indoor patio tables, and plenty of plants.

The Advantages Of A Sunroom

There are many reasons behind adding a sunroom onto your home. They include:

Giving you another room to relax in – If you’re the type of person who needs to relax more, and prefers to do so while staring at the outdoors, no matter the weather, then a sunroom is just the thing that you need.

Provides additional party space – A sunroom is a great place to put additional patio furniture sets. If you like to throw parties, but lack appropriate seating, then you can set up your sunroom accordingly. Your guests will still be indoors, but they won’t be clustered close together.

You’ll feel like you’re outdoors – Long Michigan winters can be tough to get through. At a certain point, cabin fever kicks in, and you just want to be outdoors. A sunroom can help with this. Since it has plenty of windows, you’ll feel as though you’re outside; only you’ll have all of the conveniences (heating and air conditioning) of being indoors. It really is the best of both worlds.

Fairly simple construction – Many sunrooms are built in a modular format. That is, the parts are already mostly constructed. While this varies, depending on the shape and size of your sunroom, it means that the construction process is easier than it is for most additions. Also, if you want electricity in your sunroom, that will take a bit longer to set up as well.

Adds to the resale value – Although a sunroom may not count as an official “room” in your house (in most cases, it needs to have a closet in order to qualify), it will add onto your home’s resale value. A sunroom also adds to its curb appeal. People will be drawn to it.

However, there are ways to add value and usefulness to your house without having an additional room constructed onto the back or side. If you already have a large porch or deck, then you might just be in need of an outdoor awning.

The Basics of Outdoor Awnings

Outdoor awnings are more than the ones that go over your windows in order to keep out sunlight and provide privacy. While those are indeed awnings Grand Haven, what we’re really discussing here are the large variety that fit over an entire front porch or back patio. These awnings can be retracted when they aren’t in use, or left open so that you can come and go as you please while remaining protected from the sun.

Outdoor Awnings Create Usable Spaces

An outdoor awning is much more than a large piece of fabric that is attached to a metal framework. It’s a way to make your patio or deck much more appealing. An outdoor awning can:

Make your yard seem more inviting – Nothing seems to draw in people quite like a large awning. You’ll begin to feel like you’re at some kind of Hollywood club with so many friends and neighbors clustered beneath your awning. Of course, if this doesn’t sound like fun, you can always turn them away and enjoy your new shady spot all by yourself.

Provide a great place to relax while staying out of the sun – If you like to sit outside and read, then you already know what the sun glare will do. You’ll have to wear sunglasses, which will make reading the words on your tablet computer downright impossible. This is where an awning comes into play. It will provide plenty of shade, making it easy to handle all of your tasks without having to resort to sunglasses. Plus, you know how difficult those patio umbrellas can be. You won’t need one anymore!

Add to the energy efficiency of your home – You already know what Michigan summers are like – hot and humid. They usually require the use of air conditioning, which can get expensive. An outdoor awning will add some shade and cool down the interior of your house. As a result, your energy bills will go down.

Add to your home’s curb appeal – Many potential buyers like the look of a patio, porch, or deck, but want to avoid sitting in the hot Michigan sun as much as possible. An interesting feature, like a retractable awning, will draw in buyers who like its usefulness.

Modern outdoor awnings shouldn’t be confused with the old-fashioned kind that mostly stayed in one place or was retracted with a crank handle. These new models have many interesting features, including motorized systems that unfurl the awning (or retract it) with the touch of a button.

There Are Many Advantages To Both

Now that we’ve gone over the advantages of both sunrooms and outdoor awnings, it’s up to you to decide which one will work best on your home. If you have the space for a sunroom and want one added onto your home, then give us a call. Or, if you already have an existing porch, deck, or patio that you want to be covered, then an awning sounds like it will be right for you. Either way, these parts of your home will become more useful.

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