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Sunrooms are a great way to add to your home. A sunroom allows you to transform outdoor living into indoor living. You get the best of both worlds.

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What makes a sunroom so ideal: it can be used as a study, a yoga or workout area, an indoor garden, or just additional recreational space. In whatever case, a sunroom is a great place to store up on a little sunlight while enjoying the indoors.
Our customers who want a cost-effective solution to add value to their homes have told us that our sunroom installations are a great home addition at a fraction of the cost.

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Home Pro is West Michigan’s top Joyce Oasis Sunroom provider. Call today and our sunroom experts can set up an appointment to create the sunroom you can appreciate and enjoy.

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    Sunroom Built Under Existing RoofSunrooms To Enjoy The Outdoors, Indoors

    Building a sunroom is a significant decision for most homeowners.  As with many major decisions, it can be difficult to know where to start.  Many know they would like to build a sunroom on their home but are left wondering “How do I go about planning a sunroom project?”  Luckily we can help with a list of questions and steps that can lead you toward the sunroom project of your dreams!


    • What is the purpose? – The first conclusion a homeowner must reach when planning a sunroom project is what is the purpose of the sunroom.  Are you looking for a year-round usable inside space that can function as a new living room?  Are you hoping to enclose an existing concrete patio to protect from insects and rain, but only plan on using the space during good weather?  Will the sunroom be furnished using existing exterior patio furniture or have a matching hardwood floor to the kitchen and be furnished with brand new interior furniture?  What you plan on doing with space – is a critical element to determine as you embark on planning your sunroom project.


    • Where would I like to build the sunroom? – Another essential element of planning a sunroom project is determining where the new room should be located.  Often an existing patio or deck can be utilized as the base for the sunroom and is easily accessed with an existing door off the home. Where you would like to build the sunroom is a key factor in planning your sunroom project as it can affect cost, design, and functionality.


    • How much space do sunrooms need? – Will it be used as an extension of the home or as an entertainment room? Once you establish purpose and location it is essential to figure out exactly how much space you need. Anticipated usage and potential furnishings are two key considerations when determining how much space you need. Measure off a room in your home such as a family room or den. You will be surprised at how much can be accomplished with 120-160 square feet (the average-sized sunroom in America). 

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    I had a great experience with Home Pro of West Michigan, I have to say this has been my best experience dealing with a contractor in my entire life. Home Pro of West Michigan finished my basement adding a full bathroom, 2 bedrooms and living room. Project came in on budget no extras cost. These guys are true real professionals!!!!!!! I hope to have them do the exterior of my home next year.

    Mike S.
    Mike S.Whitehall, MI

    We had an issue with our roof / siding which was allowing water to run down a wall in our garage. The wall was very wet & growing mold, ah yuck!! The team replaced the wall, fixed the issue with the roof / siding perfectly! We are very happy with the results & will go to Home Pro first for any future needs!! Great Job!!

    Rebecca A.
    Rebecca A.Fruitport, MI

    Very impressed! Started this morning on my roof and when I came home from work today it was done. Mess cleaned up and no signs they were even here. Who would have known that they put a roof on my house other than how amazing it now looks. Will be calling them again when I need anything else done. Thank you Home Pro!!

    Nicole W.
    Nicole W.Grand Haven, MI