When you look at the bathtub of your home, what do you see? Do you see a tub that's strong, stylish, and durable? Or is your tub showing signs of its age by being chipped, cracked, moldy, grimy, slimy, and just downright dirty? Don't you think it's time for an upgrade?

In this blog, we'll discuss upgrading that old, worn-out tub. But not just any upgrade—we'll discuss why you should choose a walk-in shower. First, let us introduce ourselves.

Since 2015, Home Pro of West Michigan has been a leading bathroom remodeling company offering solutions for walk-in shower installation in Grand Rapids. We work closely with our customers to understand their functionality and style needs. By doing this, we're able to custom-craft the perfect solutions for their homes. Over the years, we've even collected our share of awards and accolades that include an A+ rating from the BBB, countless online reviews from raving customers, and so much more.

Walk-In Shower Installation

Whenever you choose to make any upgrade to your home, it's important to consider modern style and what's currently popular. That's exactly why you should think about a walk-in shower. But beyond being the popular solution in this day, walk-in showers offer enhanced functionality, easier entry and exit, and advanced style options. And when you choose to work with our team of experts, you'll enjoy benefits like the following:

  • Professionalism: You can always count on our team to show up and get the job done right without any hassle or headache.
  • Style Options: We offer a comprehensive selection of shower style options so you can find the perfect new shower to complement your aesthetic.
  • Fast Installation: In many cases, we're able to complete walk-in shower installations in as little as one day.

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If you're ready to trade in that old tub for a new, modern, and stylish walk-in shower, then you'll want to work with the top bathroom remodeler in Grand Rapids—Home Pro of West Michigan. Since 2015, we've been a trusted name, offering comprehensive bathroom remodeling solutions. Get started today by giving us a call or filling out the online form for your free, no-obligation estimate.