As a homeowner, you have many projects you want to accomplish to give yourself more room in the house or to make it more comfortable for your guests.

Your basement is an underrated place to renovate and finish. It’s become a common project for homeowners since it can be done quickly and be a versatile room.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider renovating and finishing your basement:

Practical and Versatile Space

Basements can be used for far more than storage space.

Your basement is one of the biggest rooms in your house and yet the least used. If you renovate and finish your basement, you can create a more efficient and usable space.

You can convert your basement into a room where multiple family needs are met. You can designate it as the new family room. Or, you can turn the space into two rooms and use the other as a guest room.

When you’re done with your project, your storage space will be turned into the main room of the house.

Added Value

You care about your house since you invested money into it. You also want to spend time making improvements that will add value to it when you want to move or place it on the market.

Renovating and finishing your basement is a project that will surely have a high return. Even if you don’t try to sell your house right away, you’ll have another high functioning room in the house.

When you do want to move out, you’ll then receive the profits for your money and time put into the renovation project.

Modern and Contemporary Home

Basement renovations and finishing is the latest trend for home improvement projects.

Your basement is one of the biggest and most spacious rooms in your house, make it a place your family and friends want to spend time in.

Finished Basement v. Renovated Basement

A basement can be turned into an additional family room.

There’s a difference between finishing and renovating your basement. Both add value to your house and could potentially create more space.
Finished: A finished basement covers the basic codes you have to follow as a homeowner. A project such as installing insulation or drywall, falls under “finishing a basement” project umbrella.
Renovated: A renovated basement creates a new purpose and uses for space. You can turn your basement from a storage area into the family room or home office space. It adds style to your finished basement.

Finishing your basement has more practical uses than renovating it. A finished basement could help keep your house warmer in the winters and cooler in the summers. Renovating your basement adds style to your space and creates value just as finishing it does.

Whether you choose to take on one or both of these basement projects, here are some tips to follow for finishing and renovating.

7 Tips for Finishing Your Basement:

1) Pre-planning
There are a few things you should test and then repair if needed.
-The moisture test will indicate whether your foundation is sealed and if your basement needs to be dehumidified.
-Check for insects and plant damage under your floors.
-Ensure that your floor is even and there aren’t any parts that are sagging.
-Hire a professional to test your basement’s air circulation system.

2) Research Building Codes
After you’ve completed your pre-planning tests and repairs, you need to check what codes you might have to follow. Check with your town handbook, if there are any certificate documents you need to obtain or apply for. This is especially important if you want to install a bathroom or rewire electrical circuits.

3) Prevent a Moist Basement
It cannot be emphasized enough how much moisture damages and prevents you from continuing your project. Even after you’ve done your pre-planning work, your basement can still collect moisture. You’ll need to install a vapor barrier to minimize moisture and so you can continue forward with your project.

4) Insulation
Installing insulation helps control the heating and cooling temperatures of your basement. It also acts as another barrier for moisture seeping into your basement.

5) Heat Your Floors
Installing heating vents is a great option to keep your basement warm. Heat will rise through the vents and you won’t have a draft. You can save on electricity costs since you won’t be relying on space heaters.

6) Utilities are Off Limits
Your heating and cooling equipment must follow specific building codes and it is best left unfinished.

7) Hire Professionals for the Complex Tasks
Do not try to re-design your heating system. It can cause a discrepancy in your whole system. Hiring a professional is worth the time and money.

7 Tips for Renovating your Basement:

1) Research Building Codes
Similar to finished basements, renovated ones must follow codes and be safe to live in. For example, if your constructing a home office or guest bedroom, there must be an emergency exit route in case there’s a fire.

2) Remove moisture
Moisture will prevent any renovations from happening. If this is repaired while you’re finishing your basement, it won’t be a problem.

3) Drain Systems
Many basement renovations involve installing a bathroom. This means you need enough room to install a drainage system for your new toilet, sink, and bathtub.

4) Basement Hazards
Find any hazards that your basement might have and contact a specialist. They can help you to remove it properly. This is crucially important if your home was originally built in the 1950s. It might have asbestos in the airways.

5) Basement Noise
If you’re planning to use the basement as your family or entertainment room, it can disturb the rest of the house with its noise. Consider putting the sound installation in the ceiling.

6) Earthquake-Proof Your Basement
If you live in an area where there are earthquakes, be sure to retrofit your basement. This strengthens your foundations and ensures that your projects will last for years.

7) Make it Your Own
Choose a style for your renovated basement that makes you happy. It can match with rest of the house or have its vibe.

Planning, designing, and completing a basement project should be less intimidating with these tips. With proper planning and consulting from a professional, you can create a new space in your house. Either project will make your home more energy efficient and create more value for it.

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