New windows are commonly installed on homes because of the aesthetic upgrade they provide. While windows can certainly be stylish, they're also very functional. When it comes to the insulation in a home, the windows are a key component. If yours are currently old, outdated, or malfunctioning, you're likely losing tons of money without even knowing it. 

This upcoming winter, be sure to upgrade your home with a new set of windows from Home Pro of West Michigan. We have all the high-end styles and trusted products that you need for your residence to perform at its best. Below, we'll discuss the main ways in which a window installation or replacement can drastically lower your monthly heating bills during the colder months.

Better Thermal Insulation Due to Multi-Pane Glass

The glass of a window can often be the biggest vulnerability when it comes to the loss of climate-controlled air. Older window glass can degrade over time, leading to a massive reduction in insulation. This makes it much easier for exterior temperatures to soak their way in, and for internal warm air to find its way out. By upgrading with new windows, however, you can get a product that features double-pane glass. This will be a huge help in regulating internal air temperatures, effectively keeping your utility bills lower.

Fewer Air Gaps and Draftiness

Old windows tend to have seals that weaken over time. When these seals shrink, dry, or crack, air can find an easy way in and out of the home. This causes excessive draftiness, which is a huge killer for monthly heating bills. If you feel like your house is still cold no matter how high you crank the thermostat, your windows likely need replacing.

Modern Window Technology

Above all else, new windows feature modern technology that old windows lack. You'd be surprised at how much progress has been made since your existing windows were last installed. Some of the modern features that you can expect include:

  • Double or Triple Glazed Exterior Glass
  • Energy Efficient Coatings
  • Tilt-Sashes for Easy Cleaning
  • Reinforced Frames

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