As energy prices continue to soar, you might be looking for some ways to keep your heating bill down this winter. While you might be tempted to turn your thermostat down and huddle up under some cozy blankets, there is something else that you can do to keep yourself comfortable during frigid months: Replace outdated windows.

Did you know that you can lose 30% of your home’s heat through old and drafty windows? If your home sports outdated single-pane windows, then upgrading to modern, energy saving windows can go a long way toward saving energy—and money—for years to come.

What Is Energy Efficient Windows?

As the name suggests, energy efficient windows are made with energy conservation in mind. While that’s easy to understand on the surface, you might be wondering what makes a window energy efficient. For a window to meet ENERGY STAR standards, they must come with the following features:

  • Double- or Triple-Pane Glass
  • Low-E Glass Coating
  • Gas Fill Between Windowpanes
  • Insulating Window Frames
  • Window Seals and Spacers

Can Energy Efficient Windows Reduce Heating Costs?

Yes! According to a 2023 report by the Department of Energy, homeowners save between $101 and $583 per year on heating and cooling costs after replacing single-pane windows with double-pane windows. When you get high-performance windows that offer all the features listed above, you can save even more. Not many remodels pay for themselves overtime, so energy efficient windows is one investment that you will be glad to make.

Where Can I Find a Michigan Energy Efficient Window Installer?

New windows provide ongoing savings while improving the overall appearance, value, and comfort of your home. The only question is where should you go to get quality windows and professional window installation? Look for a Michigan window replacement company that offers energy efficient windows, has an A+ BBB rating, and employs licensed and insured window installers.

At Home Pro of West Michigan, we are proud to install high-performance windows while meeting all the above requirements. Contact us anytime to learn more about how new windows can help you save money this winter—and for many winters to come!