The bathroom is one of the most enjoyed areas of the home whether people want to admit it or not. The shower and bath can be particularly relaxing, and where many people start and end their days. Since this region of the home is so crucial to livelihood, maintaining its appearance is important. Bathroom remodeling is a great place to start, but your shower and bathtub walls have the most potential. If you've recently installed a shower or bathtub replacement, be sure to customize its surround. This is the perfect way to add unique style and personality to an otherwise sterile room.

When selecting a textured surround, there are a few key things to remember. Let's look at what those are.

Bathtub and Shower Wall Material Choices in Michigan

You'll be pleased to learn that there's an immense variety of surround styles to choose from for your bathroom. These choices range in price and durability, but overall, all are great choices for your Michigan home. Here are some options:

  • Stone Wall: This is the most expensive route, but also the most glamorous. Stone adds a classy look to any bathroom and can come in an array of stone types, cuts, and finishes.
  • Tile: Another luxurious option, tile comes in many colors, allowing you complete flexibility over your design. They're also easy to fix if one cracks, as the whole wall won't need to be replaced.
  • Acrylic: The most affordable option, generic acrylic is white and gives a complete, seamless look to your bathtub or shower. Many products are antimicrobial.
  • Simulated Tile: A great choice if you value the look of tile, but want something more affordable. Simulated tile is an acrylic material that combines the visual benefits of the authentic material, with the hygienic benefits of regular acrylic. Many bathroom remodelers stock it.

Adding Color and Design for Additional Pop

Once you've selected a material, it's time to customize it. Products like tile and stone have a large selection of design variations, whereas acrylic is quite standard. You can also add accents to your surround wall, like Sante Fe Listello accent trim from Bath Planet.  On the subject of Bath Planet, it's equally as important to select a brand of products that has a good reputation and warranty. Bath Planet offers both and makes long-lasting, durable products that withstand years of use.

Start Your Remodel Today with Home Pros

Remodeling your home isn't as simple as just swapping out new fixtures. While you can also invest in a bathroom conversion or shower replacement, adding extra texture in the form of a surround wall is a sure way to boost your aesthetic. If you need a Grand Rapids area bathroom remodeler to help with this, contact Home Pro of West Michigan (BP of West MI). We're partnered with Bath Planet and have a large selection of services and styles offered by our certified contractors.

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