When remodeling your Michigan bathroom, you should always choose a design that fits the needs of your lifestyle. There's no point in installing new fixtures if they're difficult for you to use. In many cases, the entryway to the bathtub or shower is a prime place for frustration. High thresholds can be cumbersome to step over and are nearly impossible to navigate if you're disabled. Luckily, you have options available to you when installing a shower replacement. Let's look at three of the most popular entry options you can implement.

Roll-In, Zero Threshold Shower Entry Ways

If you or a family member are wheelchair-bound, bathing is likely a significant struggle. The last thing an individual should have to worry about is if they can shower safely. With a roll-in shower entry, this is no longer a concern. These modern, luxurious showers sit flush with the bathroom floor and have absolutely zero lip to step over. This is incredibly convenient for people that use walkers, as well as wheelchairs. Once inside the shower, you can enjoy a seating accessory for optimum showering comfort.

Ramp Entries for Your Michigan Shower

Ramps are an easy installation that your bathroom remodeler can implement in no time at all. Ramps are perfect for individuals that still have their mobility, but may not be as steady on their feet as they use to be. Installing a ramp entry eliminates the need for a clumsy step over the shower barrier, allowing you to gently ease your way up into the shower. Ramps can also be utilized by individuals with walkers. A large advantage of this type of installation is that it doesn't normally require more work for your bathroom remodeling company, as they can simply add a ramp to your existing fixture.

Standard Step-Up Shower Options

Standard step-up showers have a minimum threshold that one must step over, making it ideal for people that don't have any significant mobility issues. These showers are much more available and affordable to install as they don't require extensive installation. You'll have a complete selection of products to choose from.

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