Most individual's bathroom needs change with age. When someone is a new home owner, they often only need a shower, but when families grow a bathtub for little kiddos is often necessary. At Home Pro of West Michigan, we also take into consideration the needs of Americans with Disabilities. For over 30 years we have put countless hours and amounts of energy into creating stylish accessible bathrooms with all the accessories you need. We strive to be an inclusive company that can help every customer who comes our way!

Accessible Bathroom Style Options

When you begin thinking of an accessible bathroom, Home Pro of West Michigan knows it is not a one size fits all solution. There are usually two main options for accessible bathrooms. The first option is an accessible walk-in-shower. This shower is often just shower flooring with no lip, making it easy to access for wheelchairs or other walking assistance tools. This shower is also a great option for individuals who may not want to get their whole bodies wet at one time.

The second option is a walk-in-bathtub. A walk-in-tub option allows individuals to continue to create their relaxing bath experience, but will still get rid of the large step over lip. Walk-in-tubs have easy to open doors that allow for easy access. Once you decide which experience is most important to you, it is time to move on to the exciting styling choices.

Adding Color to Your Accessible Bathroom 

We know how important it is to add style into your accessible bathroom. There is no need for your bathroom to feel cold or sterile. That is why we offer fun colors and designs to each of our customers, no matter what type of bathroom they get installed. Shower colors range from basic pops of color to intricate stone and granite type looks. With over 15 different options you are bound to find the color and look you desire. 

Each color also comes with the option to include a textured pattern. These patterns will add a bit more depth to your bathroom and are perfect for those who are worried their bathrooms may look too plain. At Home Pro of West Michigan, we offer six different bathroom textures. From subway tile looks to hexagon designs we have a texture that will fit your personal style. 

Accessories Make Your Accessible Bathroom Complete

The final step to making your perfect ADA bathroom is adding each accessory to fit your needs. Some important accessible accessories include grab bars, shower seats, and easy to access shower heads. It is important that each person thinks of what they will need in order to be as independent as possible. You can also add water jets, shelving, and added padding for comfortable seating. Call our customer care team with any of your accessible bathroom questions. They can give you our full list of bathroom styles, color and texture options, and accessories. If you call today, we will schedule you with a free in-home consultation and estimate opportunity.